For those in search of a recipe

Hi, I am Fleurdwi the founder of this website. My main goal is to share recipes with people who want to try recipes and learn more about cooking. The recipes are combined with a YouTube video for ease and making a wonderful dish.

I am not a chef but I do love cooking a lot. That’s why I started my YouTube channel Fleurdwi Cooking. I often try to find my ingredients in my garden or near my in the nature.

My Youtube channel grew as I keep on sharing recipes and movies. It grew faster back when I was active on my blog TaleTravels, I only shared 18 recipes there and gained over 10000 views and about 1000 watching hours in a short amount of time.

That’s pretty amazing with only a hand full of recipes. I want to do the same for you

For those who want to share their recipes

Do you have a YouTube channel about cooking and you want to grow it even more? Then you have come to the right place. Share your recipe and link it to your channel and video. If you got a blog you can link it there as well.

Sharing your recipe here will increase the exposure for your recipe and channel. All you need to do, is ask me for an account and you will be able to share recipes as soon as possible.

Youtubers Cooking already has it in the name. It’s about youtubers cooking. Our visitors will be able to find your recipes on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. That’s a big win if you are trying to grow your channel


Who are currently contributing recipes and YouTube videos

Me, the founder, Fleurdwi.

I am based in Bali, but when I get a chance I will also visit Yogyakarta, my home town. I used to work in Bali for tourism. Since the pandemic I have been trying to grow my YouTube channel. The recipes I share are mainly from Asia but I also shared some Dutch recipes from when I was in the Netherlands in 2020.

Will you join me and expand your culinary adventure online

Join Youtubers Cooking, and share your existing and new recipes on the website at your own pace. All the technical and SEO stuff are taken care off. Share and grow, that’s how we will do it.

You can share recipes in the following languages: English, Dutch, French and Bahasa Indonesia.