Reasons to share recipes on Youtubers Cooking

Growing a YouTube channel nowadays in 2022 is hard as it gets. The competition is endless and every niche is already worked on. Sharing your recipes on Youtubers Cooking will bring that extra exposure through the search engine. People who browse the internet via search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing are plenty. These are extra viewers we are getting.

Organic Growth of your YouTube Channel

The obvious reason is the organic growth of the YouTube channel. You gain more watching hours and views from those who are interested. In return, YouTube will promote your video and channel more on their website. With great titles and thumbnails you can expect more growth. The organic growth comes from the search engines. When people search for a recipe outside of YouTube, yours can still be found.

Your recipe discovered by more people

A lot simply want to share their recipe, that’s why they have shared it on YouTube. Now on this platform you can share it in different languages and reach more people for your recipe to go world wide.

Earn more with your monetized channel

While you experience organic growth on your channel you will also earn more if you are monetized. Gaining more views means extra bucks from Adsense. That’s a huge plus!

Go get that 4000 Watching hours and 1000 Subscribers faster

This is a hurdle for most YouTubers to overcome. Next to creating great content, is to reach the audience. You can do everything to gain more watching time and subscribers, but it mostly goes slow, especially if you started in 2020 or later. Lots of people lose the motivation. By sharing your recipe here, you have a chance to grow your channel faster. In the post and about the Author will be a link to your video and YouTube channel.

Sharing on multiple platforms

You can’t share enough, especially when it is your content! Now this website will purely share recipes and food related informational content. With SEO optimization Google will surely give your recipe a chance to be viewed. Sharing on social media and Food/Recipe Niche related website would give you a maximum exposure. It’s the best for getting more views.

Multiple languages available

You can share your recipes in multiple languages, reaching target audience searching in their language. Youtubers Cooking currently has set the opportunity for English, French, Dutch and Bahasa Indonesia. You can add the translation manually, there is no automatic way of doing this. I am also open to add more languages as the website grows.

Share for free, no costs involved

Creating a website requires a domain and hosting. Then you would want to optimize the website. Creating your own design or buying a design can be time consuming and costly. The technicals of this website is designed to be SEO friendly to different countries and languages. With content delivery network in place the website should load quickly no matter where in the world the visitor comes from.

Easy and user friendly sharing. Share at your own pace

You will have your own account to share your recipe. You write the article and recipe yourself in an easy way. Besides that, there is no pressure how much you should share. You can do it whenever you can.

Proven results:

On my previous blog I have shared a handful of recipes. I would get up to 30% of my views from the blog. This little bit of sharing caused more than 10000 views in a short amount of views and almost 1000 hours of watching time. This is still increasing!