Guide for adding recipes to YouTubers Cooking

This is a guide for those who want to publish their recipe on YouTubers Cooking. By following this guide, your recipe will be found on Google and other search engines. The purpose is to make a SEO friendly recipe. With this method you get maximum exposure for your recipe and YouTube video (and channel of course).

Make sure you have a login first. If you don’t you can email me first at:

Collect the images required

Snipping tool on a rib eye steak
Using Snipping tool to select a part of the image

If you don’t have the original file you uploaded you can play the video from YouTube and start collecting screenshots. Collecting a screenshot can be done in different ways. On the computer use either “snipping tool” or make a screenshot with PrtSCR button. to find the snipping tool, just click start and start typing “snipping tool”.

On the Android phone you can make a screenshot with volume down button + Power. If you’re an iPhone user, it’s the side button + home.

Make sure you have the required images to put your recipe online here at YouTubers Cooking. I use for each important step or result an image and require about between 5-10 images per recipe. It’s up to you how much you use.

Making the image optimal for the web by reducing the file size. I use TinyPNG which is very convenient. Just drag en drop it there, and your images will be optimized in filesize.

* Important: Make sure that your image is below 150kB and use your own images

When you add a picture in your recipe, select it, and add a description at Alt text (alternative text). This is for people who use the Google image search. So you can make sure when somebody is looking for a recipe at the images, your recipe shows up in the result.

Creating a new recipe

Wordpress adding a new recipe
adding a new recipe to YouTubers Cooking is just adding a new post.

When you have logged on, click Post. Click add new and make a compelling title.

Structure of the recipe

Write a paragraph or maybe even 2 about your recipe. Tell the audience what makes it so special, or why they should try to make it. It shouldn’t be too long as the reader is probably looking for ingredients and instructions.

So after the short introduction, write the ingredients in a list. Accompany it with a picture if you can. Then ad some instructions with the images required.

At the end, add a recipe card by clicking the + button and add the WPRM recipe. This is the part where you add the link to your YouTube video and summarise the recipe. Adding the recipe card, will tell the search engines, that this is a cooking recipe. You will get a bigger chance on getting to the top of the Google page that way.

So when you are at “Type / to choose a block” click the + sign. Type in WPRM and WPRM Recipe shows.

The Recipe card

When you have clicked the WPRM Recipe, click New recipe. The next step is:

WPRM recipe screen 1

Choose an image and embed the video. For embed the video you will need your YouTube link. This is how the visitor views your video. In the post there will be about the author where you can add a link to your YouTube channel. You can also add this at the end of the post before the Recipe card of course.

Recipe Type shoul stay on Foo Recipe. Fill in all the fields fo the recipe card.

Recipe card time
Fill in the Preperation time, cook time total time. This will be displayed on the Google search result page.
Time and equipment required for the recipe

Categories and equipment are required for SEO purposes.

add ingredients to Recipe menu
Filling in the ingredients.
adding instructions to the recipe card
The Instructions. These can be short descriptions that would summarize steps. Keep it short and powerful. The visitor can always check your YouTube video as a reference.

We’re done! It took maybe 15-20 minutes to make it. If you want to add it as another language create a new post (choose the language on the right side).

Submitting the recipe to YouTubers Cooking

Submit your recipe for review

Once you are done, you are ready, click Publish and then submit for review (both on the top right). I will go over the recipe to make sure it’s search engine friendly.

This is an example of the steak recipe I made while writing this guide

Thank you for being a part of YouTubers Cooking!