Making salted eggs in a traditional Javanese method

Have you ever tried salted eggs? The ones that you peel, and are already salty of taste, I mean those kind of eggs. In a normal way, these are made by brining. This means just soak or preserve it in salty water. The way I am going to share is a traditional way in Java. This method doesn’t use brining. It’s a total unique way and different than what I have seen online. It’s also very effective and it doesn’t take too long.

The salted egg originates from China, some centuries ago. It’s used a lot in the Asian cuisine nowadays and fits well with different types of dishes, from Nasi Goreng, to congees. I will also share how to make the famous salted egg sauce. That recipe uses as a main ingredient, the salted eggs.

What do you need to make salted eggs

What you want is to use duck eggs, but if you have no access to these, normal chicken eggs will do fine as well. For the traditional method I am using soil and crystal salt. Instead of crystal salt you can replace this with the normal one, it should just work fine as well. Let’s go over the list

  • Soil
  • Eggs
  • Salt 400gr

You will need a bucket with a lid to store the eggs later on.

The process

I start with collecting soil. The soil that can make clay is excellent choice as they can retain shape easy. After I collected the soil, I strain it. To keep the large chunks out of the mix will make it easier for later. I use one of the plastic strainers that I normally use for spaghetti. Since I have several I can use this one. Remember to clean it well after using.

Mix the soil with water and salt. The purpose is to get a moist claylike texture. Don’t add too much water since you want to shape the clay a little bit. This part sounds easy. But mix it well so the salt is everywhere in the mixture. Get in with the hands and mix and stir everything up.

Grab one egg at a time and cover it with the soil. Make a egg or round shaped form with the clay covering the whole egg. If the clay or soil won’t stick, you might have used a bit too much water. Mix in some more soil then. After you’ve covered all the eggs, put them in a bucket.

The result should look like this:

Some methods of brining will last up to 30 days. This method you can finish in 11-14 days. The longer you wait, the saltier it becomes. I leave it for 14 days in my garage outside. At day 11 you can take one out and prepare it by boiling.

Final day of salted egg process

salted egg process with clay after 2 weeks

This part is probably where we do things differently. It’s very likely you can not just make a fire in your garden or outside of your house. If you can, you can choose the following: Grill of fire, or boil in water.

For grilling on fire

This is an active process. You would need to make some fire with wood. During the fire you would need to move the fire or the eggs a bit so it becomes well cooked inside. It’s fun and very different to do it this way. This grilling lasts about 10-15 minutes before the eggs are cooked on the inside.

After grilling on fire, wait until it’s cooled down, and put it in a bucket of water. You will see some bubbles appearing. This is the mixture of salt and soil getting off from the egg. Wash the eggs and after peeling they are ready to consume. In my YouTube Video you can already see that I am using the same eggs for another dish. I will have that recipe separately as well.

I can’t grill the eggs like you did

After the 14 days of the process, wash the eggs clean. They are ready to be boiled. It’s a little bit different, but the taste will be the same. I just liked to do it in a traditional manner.

Salted Eggs

Salted eggs grilled – made in traditional Javanese method

Salting eggs according to a traditional Javanese Indonesian method using clay
Prep Time 20 mins
Cook Time 20 mins
Waiting time 14 d
Total Time 14 d 40 mins
Course Side Dish
Cuisine Asian
Servings 12 servings
Calories 130 kcal


  • 1 bucket
  • soil


  • 400 gr salt
  • 12 eggs


  • Mix the soil salt and water well
  • when you have a claylike structure, start shaping balls around the eggs with the clay
  • Put the eggs which are covered in a bucket with a lid
  • Leave it for 14 days
  • Take the salted eggs out of the bucket and put them in the sun for drying. If you are not going to grill them on fire, just wash of the soil and salt. You can boil after that.
  • If you are grilling them on fire, after they are dried from the previous step, make a place for a fire. You can add the eggs in between the wood.
  • For 15 minutes poke in a safe manner the fire. Don't let it become too big. Move the eggs around in the fire so the inside becomes well cooked



Salted eggs add so much flavor to any dish. It makes a great addition and character for any main course. I hope you have enjoyed the recipe
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